Mental Health Ambassadors

NNDC – IF launches its first Mental Health Ambassador Program. In this visionary approach, we are introducing renowned mental health professionals, holding an expertise in the corporate sector. To know their thoughts, future solutions on mental and behavioral outcomes, visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Dr. Siladitya Ray, MD

Celebrity Consultant, Psychiatrist, Stress Management, Strategist, Motivational Master, Spiritual Guru

Kolkata, West Bengal

Dr. Aastha Sachdeva

Counselling Psychologist, Mental Health Trainer

New Delhi 

Dr. Satyen Sharma

Sr. Consultant Psychiatrist, Vice President

Punjab Medical Association, Patiala, Punjab

Dr. Nisha Khanna

Mental Health Practitioner

Bye Tense, Guru Nanak Dev University, New Delhi

Dr. Gorav Gupta

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tulasihealthcare

Gurugram, Haryana

Aastha Ahuja

Senior Manager (Human Resources) Asia, Africa and Europe, Grail Insights

Gurugram, Haryana

Richa Khanna, Ph.D.

Counselling Psychologist Tata Institute of Sciences

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Abhishek Shankar

National HR Director I AvianWE

New Delhi

Dr. Shikha Kapoor

Professor -HR & OB, Program Director Ph.D. Amity University

 Noida, Uttar Pradesh 

Dr. Aninda Sidana Gupta

Consultant psychiatrist and sexologist

Chandigrah Hospital, Chandigarh (UT)

Ruchika Kanwal

Clinical Psychologist & Founder, Anamkaaruh Therapy Care & Counselling 

New Delhi